1. If the Council has received an increase in Government ... which is more than twice ...


Budget Consultation 2003/04

Public Meeting

– 9


January 2003

Issues raised

1. If the Council has received an increase in Government funding of 5.6% which is more than twice the rate of inflation, why is the Council worse off?

2. There is a reduction in the school population that should lead to a reduction in the number of schools and teachers, this should affect the increase of 10% in teachers employment costs.


Does the level of RSG have anything to do with the “weak” CPA judgement?

4. The Council needs to consider why people are leaving Salford and the population is reducing.

5. The Council is not doing enough to address the situation of residents and traders in the Langworthy Road area.

Properties have been boarded up and vandalised

Home swaps have only recently been introduced

The number of traders has reduced significantly

People are living in unacceptable conditions

The Council is taking too long to address the situation

6. No matter how much grant the Council gets you always say it is never enough.

7. We hear exactly the same every year. Salford has one of the highest

Council Tax levels in the country which means that the Council is not spending its money effectively.

8. The Council appears to be borrowing a lot of money, does this have an impact on the level of Council Tax? Could the Council have a year free from borrowing to reduce the level of debt?


An explanation was requested about the sale of the Council’s shareholding in Ringway Developments.

10. To what extent is the Council subsidising The Lowry and how long will it be doing so? Need to make The Lowry more accessible by public transport.

11. The Council needs to ensure that Salford people have the skills to get better jobs on Salford Quays rather than moving out of Salford.



12. What is the percentage shortfall in Council Tax collection? Why are payments made over 10 months rather than 12?

13. Does the Council know how many asylum seekers are in the City? What does this cost and does it affect the Council Tax?

14. What costs has the Council incurred in relation to the Leigh Guided

Busway, particularly legal and inquiry costs?

15. Unscrupulous landlords have ruined certain parts of the City. Is there no action the Council can take to prevent this?

16. There were a number of issues in relation to the PFI scheme for new police station:


Have the planning and legal departments at Salford held up the scheme?

Are existing police stations, including The Crescent, to be demolished?

17. I am concerned that the cost of Council services is getting too high, particularly for those on fixed incomes. Other authorities are able to provide “excellent” services for lower levels of Council Tax. Salford

Council needs to improve its efficiency.

18. From previous information I was surprised at the amount of money spent on administration. It would be helpful if there was a presentation next year to understand why there are particular levels of administrators and why it appears to be inefficient.

19. Is it possible for the Council to do business that makes money? I have read that another Council has set up its own recycling system that now provides the service at a charge to other authorities.

20. The Council could make economies in a number of areas:-


reducing the number of letters issued and postage costs

coffee machines


reducing the level of duplication

21. Councillors should be instructing directorates that cost savings are required to keep the Council Tax at a reasonable level. You are using

Council Tax payers to bail you out. Council Tax has gone up hugely over the years. The Council is not living within its means. Directorates must run services more efficiently. People are voting with their feet and leaving the City.

22. A newsletter was issued to residents in the Langworthy Road area about phases 1 and 2 of the redevelopment yet a banner was put up costing

£4,000 – this is a waste of money.



23. Has the parking scheme started to bring in revenue? Why do parking wardens go round in pairs?


The New Year’s Eve firework display at Salford Quays was a real credit to the City

– make sure it is covered on TV next year.