LIFETIME OWLS - Alumni Student Internship Advancement, Alumni & University Relations

Student Internship
Advancement, Alumni & University Relations
Program (student) assistant position to assist with administration and
supervision of Lifetime Owls alumni program – including but not limited
to client/customer relations, marketing/publicity for this program.
Advancement, Alumni & University Relations
Kathi Branford, Alumni, Contact K.
Magarian, .
Number of hours per week:
Minimum 8+ hrs. /week (120-130 hours per semester) up to 24 hrs. per
week - flexible hours. Office space/equipment provided.
Academic Department:
Open to all departments
Academic Credit:
Upon approval by academic department/faculty member; three (3)
credits per semester (6/9 possible) (wk. journal/report maintained).
Core Competencies:
Accountability - Takes personal responsibility for all work activities and personal actions and
acknowledges mistakes and failures without blaming others.
Client/Customer Service Orientation - Takes personal responsibility for dealing with and/or
correcting customer service issues and concerns.
Dependability/Efficiency - Strives to complete activities/projects in a timely manner on or before
scheduled deadlines with minimal errors.
Interpersonal Skills - Demonstrates an ability to work effectively with others employing selfregulation to manage interactions with other students and staff.
Respect and Valuing Diversity - Demonstrates the ability to recognize, understand, accept and
appreciate the value of workplace diversity; respects the practices, values, and points of view of
other individuals and groups.
Event Planning - Demonstrated experience with event planning.
Ethics - Demonstrates the ability to adhere to an appropriate and effective set of core values and
beliefs and to act in line with those values.
Quality Assurance/Attention to Detail - Accomplishes tasks through concern for all aspects of the
job, no matter how small. Accurately checks processes and tasks and follows up.
Student must be seeking relevant academic credit with an interest in
working with professional staff in/with the Alumni Office and the
division of AAUR.
Outstanding oral/written and computer skills,
punctual, with a friendly demeanor and personality are all desired.