MATLAB Assignment #2

MATLAB Assignment #2
1. Modify the program from the previous exercise to output time, velocity, and acceleration as a
table. Then plot velocity and acceleration on the same plot versus time. Be sure to fully describe the
plot. Save this M-file as userid_dateA (e.g. dfjackson_111506A)
2. Write a MATLAB program to calculate the three angles in a triangle given the three sides using the law
of cosines.
 Include comments in your program, including name, course, filename, description of the assigned
problem, and explanations of program features.
 Display a description of the program
 Prompt the user to enter the three sides of the triangle.
 Display the three sides as well as the three angles in degrees (include the unit degrees).
 The control of the program is based on a variable called More. More is initialized to 1 for yes. The user
should be prompted to enter the value of More. When there are no more cases to test, the user should
enter 0.
 Test the program for the following cases:
Case a b c
1 20 15 10
2 5 12 13
3 200 100 250
 Save this M-file as userid_dateB (e.g. dfjackson_111506B)