The Best Place to Live ... K: Long time no see! Serena. S: Hello Kevin!

The Best Place to Live
(Kevin & Serena)
K: Long time no see! Serena.
S: Hello Kevin!
K: I see the pleasant look on your face. Did you have a nice trip in winter vacation?
S: Yes, I went to Shenzhen for ten days with my family.
S: It’s a great place to visit because there are something exciting!
K: For sight-seeing or?
S: yes, sight-seeing
K: talk about your trip!
S: Although the weather in winter is humid, I still felt quite comfortable.
K: Similar to Taiwan! Oh~~~~~~~
K: What about the food there?
S: The place is mainly for people who like heavy food.
K: For me, I won’t live there just because of eating.
S: I can get over it so I would live there if I have a chance.
K: Good luck, how about people there?
S: They look kind and fashionable, similar to Taiwanese.
K: Things there are similar to those in Taiwan. Perhaps I can go there for a long stay!
K: It sounds interesting. I must go there once in the rest of my life.
S: Of course! Besides, its buildings are beautiful. The department stores turn on Neon
lights every night
K: Oh my goodness, it sounds like Discos, not stores any more.
K: I have heard that a tourist spot called Windows of World.
S: Yes, you can see many kinds of architectural masterpieces there! For example, ???
K: Nice! Are you with me? Let’s go there next week!
S: Go for yours!!
498c0015 Kevin
498c0092 Serena
既然 Windows of the world 是特殊景點,應該多加一些介紹,內容會更豐富。