Nationalism Transportation has to improve! American System I have another idea!

• New BUS
– 20 year charter
– $35 million
• Tariff of 1816
– Calhoun-YES
– Webster-NO
• Transportation has to improve!
American System
I have another idea!
• Calhoun
• Bonus Bill
– $ from the BUS used toward building roads
New American Literature
Washington Irving
– Father of American short story
– “Rip Van Winkle”
– Ichobod Crane in “The Headless Horseman”
Election of 1816
• Monroe
• Rufus King?
• Last of the Virginia Dynasty
• Era of Good Feeling
• Read-Year without a summer-go online
Treaties to take care of loose ends!
• Rush-Bagot
demilitarized the Great Lakes
• Treaty of 1818
– 49 Parallel to the Lake of the Woods
– Gave fishing rights off Labrador and Newfoundland
– Provided for joint occupation of the Oregon Territory by the United States
and Great Britain for a ten-year renewable period
Panic of 1819
• First of many
• Every 20 years
• Over in about 18-24 months
• Caused by
– Over speculation of Western lands
– Money problem
– European economic problems
John Marshall
• Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
• Did more to advance the belief that the central government has power over
the state governments
Nationalism in the Court!
• McCullough v Maryland—BUS is constitutional
• Cohens v Virginia –Lottery ticket
• Gibbons v. Ogden—
– interstate commerce Is controlled by the central government
• Fletcher v Peck—Georgia land
• Dartmouth College v Woodward
– READ• C--p 246
• R--180
Missouri wants to be a state!
A SLAVE State!
• 2nd state of the Louisiana Purchase
• Would have upset the balance in the Senate
• 11 slave-11 free
• Civil War?
How do we stop this?
Road to Statehood
Thank Goodness for Clay!
Road to Statehood
The Missouri Compromise