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Graduate Financial English
N97c0028 Frank
The Explanation for Attending Lego Tour
Dear Boss,
I really appreciate your concern about [our] engineering department[,]
which means we are on the same line. These [last few]months I’ve found our
engineering department members are not getting along well, have poor
communications, seem unhappy, and are not very productive.The only reason also
the best way I can do is trying to rebuild their team morale and to improve above
phenomena, so Iregistered to attend LEGOcompetition last Wednesday.
I should introduce 'LEGO' company in advance to avoid your misunderstanding.
The name 'LEGO' is an abbreviation of the two Danish words "leg godt", meaning
"play well". The LEGO Group was founded in 1932 by Ole Kirk Kristiansen. The
Company is a modern, global enterprise that is the world’s fifth-largest manufacturer
of toys.Its purpose is to inspire and develop people to think creatively, reason
systematically and release their potential to shape their own future - experiencing
the endless human possibility. The LEGO Group offers unique and challenging career
opportunities in a global organization founded on fun, creativity and learning. Its
culture is characterized by an informal atmosphere, open dialogue, and respect for
each other. The LEGO ActivityI registeredlast Wednesdayis“LEGO Jupiter Exploration”,
which need to build, program, and test in the activity that must perform a series of
tasks, or missions. More than 12 teams attend this competition, there are
8companiesare in 100Best Companiesselected by Fortunemagazine in 2010.
In the project, teams conduct research and create a technological or
engineering solution to an aspect of the challenge and present that solution. In total,
the competition day will be on Wednesday in three weeks later, normally spend 5 days from
the Tuesday we arrived. The biggest motivation to make me choose this competition is this
tour we will be
playing together, having very good interaction, developing better
relations and cultivating excellent harmony which can resolve our communications
and cooperation problems, and increase worker creativity.
This approach takes some days, and we ask for your patience and understanding if you
do not hear from us over the competition days. Your permission is the main power of our
support. Under your concern, the good future about
getting along well, having good
communications, high working morale, productive ability and positive attitudewill be
coming. With
Best Regards,
Yours sincerely, Frank
Graduate Financial English
N97c0028 Frank
Quite good, but I’m afraid that I didn’t make clear that this is a closed book (and
internet!) test! You were supposed to just use the info from the article we read.
However, nice job,