Standards Training and Education in U.S. Government Presentation to ICES Hangzhou, China

Standards Training and Education in
U.S. Government
Presentation to ICES
Hangzhou, China
June, 2011
U.S. Government Uses Standards
• Adoption into Regulation through Incorporation
by Reference
Code of Federal Regulations
State and Local Adoption
• Decision not to Regulate - Deference
• Written into Federal Contracts - Procurement
US Government Participates in
Standards Development
• Federal agencies are active in more than 500 standards
developing organizations, sending more than 3,000 personnel
to participate in standards activities.
• At NIST, about 325 people hold 1060 committee memberships
in 100 SDOs and 85 of those people have 120 committee
chair/co-chair positions.
Why Offer Training?
• Legislation & policies guide federal standards
– National Technology Transfer and Advancement
– Agency Specific Laws, Rules, and Policies (Ex:
Trade Agreements Act)
• Large number of USG and state/local employees
involved in standardization
Training for Government Agencies
• Participants leave with a general understanding of
standards, conformity assessment and the NTTAA
• Partner with other agencies, assist Federal Standards
• Program tailored to meet the specific needs of the
requesting agency
length and content
forum for agency specific information and concerns
presentations from industry, SDOs and nonStandards Services personnel, as appropriate
Objectives (cont.)
• Provide participants with an understanding of the
dynamics of the standards development process
• Participants know that NIST is a resource for their
standards needs
• Provide an interactive learning environment
NIST Provided Training
Workshops help to fulfill NIST’s role under NTTAA
• Assists government employees to understand and work in
the area of private sector voluntary consensus standards
•Available to federal, state and local government authorities
• Covers documentary standards and conformity
• Standards simulation exercise
• No fee
• Approximately 325 government personnel trained
in FY10 - FY11
• 20+ government agencies represented
• Almost all evaluation respondents were very
satisfied or satisfied with the overall workshop
• Did first training via webinar
• Workshops/Training info on GSI site
Department of Defense
Defense Standardization Program
• The Defense Standardization Program Office (DSPO)
sponsors or supports conferences and meetings that
help staff achieve professional and training goals in the
area of standardization
• DSPO-sponsored conferences focus on
standardization, parts management, diminishing
manufacturing resources and materiel shortages, or
related topics
Department of Defense
Defense Acquisition University
DAU provides training classes sponsored by DSPO
such as:
– Defense Specification Management
– Covers DoD policies and procedures for the development,
management, and use of nongovernment standards, commercial
item descriptions, and specifications and standards.
– Specification Selection and Application
The Specification Selection and Application course provides
instruction on the appropriate selection and correct
application of nongovernmental standards, commercial item
descriptions, specifications and standards, and related
documents in the acquisition process.
NIST Support of Standards Education
Programs and Activities
• NIST provides staff support and participate in
education events and committees
• NIST staff have participated in ICES, ANSI
Committee on Education, and IEEE Education
• NIST staff available to give guest lectures at
NIST Supported Education Events
• Joint APEC/ANSI Meeting
Shared Strategies for
Effective Standards
Education in the AsiaPacific Region (2011)
• Promoting Education About
Standardization in North
America (2009)
• Global Perspectives and
Strategies for Education
About Standardization
Workshop + ICES (2008)
Thank You
Standards Education and Training
Erik Puskar
[email protected]