EE426: Fundamentals of Instrumentation Problem Set 1

EE426: Fundamentals of Instrumentation
Problem Set 1
1. Consider the thermometer laboratory assignment. Show how the block diagram for that
specific system aligns with the general structure of a measurement system, as illustrated
in Fig. 1.2 of the text. (i.e. What is the sensing element? What is the signal conditioning
element? etc.)
2. Pick your favorite base unit (except for seconds, which we already discussed in class),
and summarize the history of the unit. Here is a good place to start:
3. Problem 2.2
4. Problem 2.15. KI and KM refer to equation 2.9 in the text, where the input, I, is the
pressure in Pa and the output, O, is the current in mA. You should assume that the nonlinearity term, N(I) is zero, and that the interfering input, which is both IM and II in that
equation, is the elevation in temperature above 20 ºC.
5. Problem 2.17