Class: ... 1. ( ) A: Is Jeff...

1. ( ) A: Is Jeff a good student?
B: He
I don't know him well, but I heard he was offered a
scholarship for next year.
a)must be b) could be c) is
2. ( ) A: Do you know where Eva is?
B: She
at Barbara's house. She said something about wanting to
visit after work today, but I am really not sure.
a) must be
b) could be c) is
3. ( ) A: I stayed up all night finishing this report for the boss.
B: You
really tired.
A: I do.
a) must feel
b) might feel
c) feel
4. ( ) A: Do you think the grocery store is still open?
B: It
I can't ever remember what their hours are.
a) must be b) could be c) is
5. ( ) A: Where's the left-over chicken from dinner last night?
B: I just saw it when I got some ice cubes.
a) must be
in the freezer.
b) might be c) is
6. ( ) A: It's supposed to rain tomorrow.
B: I know, but the forecast
Weather forecasts are far from
100 percent accurate.
a) must be
b) could be c) is
7. ( ) A: I heard that Jane has received a scholarship and will be able to attend the
university in the fall.
B: Wonderful! That's good news. She
very happy to have the
matter finally settled.
a) must be b) may be c) is
8. ( ) A: Excuse me.
Could you tell me which bus I should take to get to City Hall?
B: Hmmm.
Bus number 63
But you'd better ask the
a) must go
b) might go
c) goes
9. ( ) A: Which bus should I take to get to the main post office?
B: Bus number 36.
a) must go
b) could go
right to the post office.
c) goes
10. ( ) A: Do you suppose Mr. Chu is sick?
B: He
I can't think of anything else that would have kept him
from coming to this meeting.
a) must be
b) may be
c) is
11. ( ) A: Is that Adam's brother standing with him in the cafeteria line?
B: It
, I suppose. He does look a little like Adam.
a) must be
b) could be c) is
12. ( ) A: Let's be really quiet when we go into the baby's room. The
, and we don't want to wake her up.
B: OK.
a) might sleep
b) might be sleeping
c) might have been sleeping
13. ( ) A: My horse is sick.
B: Oh?
What's the matter?
a) will
b) had better c) may
call the vet.
14. ( ) A: Let's go to a movie this evening.
B: That's sounds like fun, but I can't.
to bed tonight.
a) have got to
b) would rather c) ought to
finish a report before I go