Role Play where is the restaurant?

Role Play
Tour guide: Hi ! Can you tell me when the breakfast buffet start ? And
where is the restaurant?
Front desk: Oh~ Hi . breakfast buffet is starts from 7:00 am to 10:00 am.
The restaurant is on the second floor.
TG: Thank you. Oh ! where are the hot springs and how late does the
bath open?
FD: The hot springs are on the 4F and is open until 11:00 pm
TG: Ok. By the way, we have a couple. They are on honeymoon. Can you
up grade a room for them ?
FD: Ok. No problem. We will prepare a better room for them. Do you
need a wake-up call?
TG: Oh. Yes. 6:30 am please. Can you give me our room keys?
FD: Sure. Here you are. Have a nice day.
TG: Thank you.
FD: Hi ! May I have your name please?
303: Jeremy Lin.
FD: Wait a minute. (10minute later) Sorry sir,your room isn’t ready
yet.We’re very sorry
303:Oh. How long does it take?
FD: About 30 minute. Sorry sir. You can have a drink in our coffee shop
and it’s free.
303:Ok . I hope it won’t take too long. I’m very tired now.
FD: We will do our best. Thanks for your consideration.
Guest: Hi . We want to check-in now.
FD: Sorry sir. Our chick-in time starts from 4pm. If you want an early
chick-in, you need to pay more.
Guest: Ok. That’s fine. How much do we need to pay?
FD: $50. May I have your name please?
Guest: Jeremy Lin.
FD:Wait a minute. You book the room,so you need to pay $500.
Guest: Ok.
FD: Here are your keys. Have a nice day.