T : Hi! This is OFF travel agent, can I... M : Hi! This is Mark, I want to book...

T : Hi! This is OFF travel agent, can I help you?
M : Hi! This is Mark, I want to book a journey in Peru.
T : Yes! How much budget do you have?
M : About US$4500 for two people, and a two-week vacation will be perfect.
T : Ok...two weeks…, what kind of schedule do you prefer?
M : Nh…I have no idea, actually. Because it is our first time to travel aboard. Do you
have any suggestion?
T : Let me see…we do have some packages, I can recommend you this one, which
includes trekking on the Inca trail, Machu, Lake Titicaca and the Amazon.
M : Wow! That sounds really good. But how much it is per person?
T : It’s US$2200 for one. So, the total is US$4400 for you two.
M : Such a great thing! Oh! I forgot the dates.
T : The dates will be on 16th-30th August, can you accept?
M : Sure! That’s what I want!
T : Ok! Can you give me your whole name and your email address.
M : Mark, Mark Bradford! And my e-mail is Mark. Broadford@Leeds.AC.
T : Thank you! I will check all the details for you and send the package to you as soon
as possible.
M : Okay! Thanks a lot, bye!
T : Thank you! Have a nice day, bye!