- Pairwork Unit

英語口語溝通口試任務單- Pairwork
Unit 8
What’s playing?
My name is 陳泊瑄.
My English name is Candy. I’m student 1.
My name is 顏妙如.
My English name is Wendy.
I’m student 2.
1:Hey, Wendy! What do you feel like doing this weekend?
2:How about eating French food together at night?
1:Ok. But I don’t want to eat French food. It’s too expensive. How about
eating sushi?
2:No. I hate sushi. Let’s go to eat Chinese food.
1:It’s sounds good. I like stinky tofu. So…. After that, where do you want
to go?
2:How about going to sing karaoke?
1:That sounds like fun. So, what time will we have to go?
2:About 8 o’clock.
1:So how about seeing a movie after singing karaoke?
2:But I think I will be tired when seeing a movie at 12 o’clock. Actually, I
don’t feel like a movie.
1:Come on, go together!!!!!
2:Ok. That’s fine. But you have to go to spa with me on Monday.
1:Ok. See you on weekend. Bye bye.
2:Bye bye.