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Dear all,
I forgot to remind all of you of two things in yesterday's class. First, this assignment is for you to practice
to write a narrative paragraph with understanding of using correct TIME ORDER signals (please see p.
25 as well as the model paragraph on p. 24). That is, your writers are supposed to write a story in which
several events are taking places one after another. If you find your writers not writing a narrative
paragraph, please DO point it out on their papers and give them a chance to make it right. Otherwise,
they might get really a low grade from me, and you might get a really low grade on this peer editing
assignment from me too. Second, please bring an extra copy of each paper on which you make editing.
The original copy will be sent back to the author, whereas the extra copy will be turned in to me for
grading. You should do the editing first and then make a copy of the edited paper. Therefore, I should
receive two editing papers from each of you next Tuesday. If you have any question, just let me know.
See y'all next Tues.