499C0006 陳曉涵

499C0006 陳曉涵
I’m really glad to have an address or who has stepped into the society with
business here to give us— students, a formal presentation and shared her business
experiences in her work place.
At the beginning, I thought she will give us a presentation of pie charts, bar
graphs or tables in English and teach us how to show them with a good gesture or
position and how to go through those charts and graphs fluently. However, she just
skipped those charts and graphs that I desired to understand and learn about. She only
showed pictures of their product and simply said whether the Power Point made by
her friends was good or not. To me, I felt a bit disappointed for no skill I am able to
find out during her presentation.
Though she did not give us a brave and solid presentation, I quite feel like the
information about a complete structure of a well-organized company for the reason
that I never realize that each department would be divided so many and so complex.
In school, teachers won’t perceive every detail about business unless they do really
live on that working pattern. That’s to say, different jobs will develop different
abilities on a designated position.
Let our teachers teach us how to perform a good presentation as they are good at
teaching; let businessmen tell us the knowledge that we might confront with our
potential jobs as they are familiar with those information.