Arcade Games

Arcade Games
• 1970~1980
• Atari produced was known as Pong, an arcadefriendly version of Hinginbotham’s Tennis for
Two. Pong was the first big commercially
successful video game, while also being a
multiplayer game
• Atari Football featured addictive
multiplayer game play, initially for two
players and later for four players
• Despite the crash in computer games in
the early 1980s, Atari released Guantlet,
an innovative dungeon crawl for up to four
players simultaneously
pay for play
• In the 1980s, the idea of ‘pay for play’ first
emerged, with several game companies
hosting online games and charging a
monthly fee to play them.
• text-based games
• a space battle that supported
up to 100 simultaneous players.
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