Unit5 A: Excuse me! I’m looking for my friend. Is there... B: Yes, there is a park on the Main Street.

A: Excuse me! I’m looking for my friend. Is there a Park around here?
B: Yes, there is a park on the Main Street.
A: Could you tell me how to get there?
B: Sure , it’s not far at all . Go down this street for two blocks to Second Avenue. It’s
across from the hospital.
A: So , go straight ahead and walk two blocks……
B: Yes
A: I got it. That sounds easy. I think I will find it. Thank you for help.
B: No problem. Have a nice day.
A: You too. Bye Bye.
A: What do you feel like doing this Sunday.
B: How about going to an amusement park?
A: That sounds like fun.
B: OK, let’s do that at about one o’clock.
A: And what do you want to do in the night?
B: Shall we go shopping?
A: Actually, I don’t feel like shopping.
B: Oh, What about singing karaoke?
A: Singing karaoke? That’s a good idea.
B: Shall we do that at 11PM?
A: 11PM? OK. Let’s do it.
B: Yeah, why not?
A: Hey, I hear that you are going backpacking this summer vacation.
B: Yeah, I am going to have great fun in Taiwan this summer.
A: Whoa, must be nice. I have been thinking about visiting there next year. Tell me
about your plan.
B: I am going to visit Taipei, the Taipei 101.
A: That sounds fun. And how about 士林 night market. I heard that food is great.
B: Oh, I will probably go there. You are telling me. 陽明 mountain is something that
you shouldn’t miss. And I will definitely go.
A: Wow it sounds like you are going to have a great time. I am getting excited about
my own holiday.
B: Next time. Maybe we can go backpacking together in the summer vacation.
A: Excuse me. I’m looking for a gift for my boyfriend. How much is this yellow
B: It’s about one thousand three hundred dollars.
A: It’s too expensive. And how about this white sweatshirt?
B: This one is cheaper than the backpack. It’s about eight hundred dollars.
A: It’s expensive, too. Can you give me 50% discount?
B: I only can give you 20% discount.
A: OK! Here is six hundred forty dollars.
B: Thank you very much.