A: Excuse me. Can you give the book to John?

兩人一組的對話內容 企管一甲 王湘蕓和李佩旂
U2 主題 : 敘述 John 的外貌
A: Excuse me. Can you give the book to John?
B: Yes. But, what does he look like?
A: Oh, he has black hair and wears glasses.
B: Is he wearing a red striped jacket?
A: No, he’s wearing blue jacket.
B: OK. I see. I know who he is.
A: Thank you for your help.
B: You’re welcome.
U3 主題 : 大學生活
A:Long time no see. You are very beautiful.
B:Long time no see. You too.
A:What’s your university life like?
B: Well. I hardly ever get up before seven. I like to sleep late
A: Do you get to school late if you have morning classes?
B: Oh. . . Yes, almost always.
A: I think you should take care of your body!
B: Yeah, I will try my best to fit in and get rid of bad habits.
U4 主題: 描述地點、位置
A: Hello, nice to meet you.
B: Hello, nice to meet you, too.
A: Wow! This dorm room is very big! How should I put my furniture?
B: You can put your stationery on the table and your clothes in the closet next to the door.
A: Oh! And what about other things?
B: I think you can arrange them as you like it.
A: Great! So this is my own space. I can arrange it in my own style.
B: Yes! you're right.
U5 主題: 問路及指引方向
A: Excuse me. Is there an ATM machine around here?
B: Yeah, there’s one on Davis Street.
A: Thanks. Could you tell me how to get there?
B: Sure, Go down this street past the hair salon.
A: So, I go straight ahead past the hair salon, and you will see the ATM machine.
B: Right.
A: Thank you very much for your help.
B: No problem at all. Have a nice day.