The Most Important Person in My Life

Basic English Writing
Dr. H. C. Yu
The Most Important Person in My Life
The important person in my life is my mother! She is more important than my
father and brother because she is the one who has real wisdom and kind to people.
My mother is a kind person. When I go back home, she gives me a ride no matter
how busy she is. I persuade her to give me the keys to our house. In this way, I can go
home on foot next time. The truth is I don’t want to make her too tired to work.
And she always helps me get through some trouble. Although I sometimes
argue with her, we still love each other. And she often cares about me, whenever I am.
I really love her so much. I wish I could stay with her forever.
My mom is a really wise person. She can handle everything that we can’t do. For
example I could’t deal with person relationship in the senior high school. She listened
to my complaints. When I finished it, she gave me some suggestions. They really
worked when I tried them. I couldn’t believe she helped me to regain my friendship.
She seems to be a superwoman, right?
The last thing I want to say is’’ Mom I love you’’. Thank you for bringing me