A Fuzzy Multiple Level Multiple Criteria Decision Making Approach Graduate Student: Eilinawati

A Fuzzy Multiple Level Multiple
Criteria Decision Making Approach
for Advertising Agency Selection
Graduate Student: Eilinawati
Advisor: Prof. Chu, Ta-Chung
指導教授: 朱大中博士
Keywords: Fuzzy MLMCDM; Center of Area; Trapezoidal Fuzzy Number; Advertising Agency.
A defuzzification based fuzzy multiple criteria multiple levels decision-making model
(MLMCDM) is applied for the selection of advertising agency in Indonesia. The importance
weights of the criteria and the ratings of alternatives versus subjective criteria are assessed
in linguistic values represented by trapezoidal fuzzy numbers. The proposed model deals
with a hierarchical structure of criteria where the averaged weights and ratings are
aggregated from the lowest-level criteria to the parent criteria. The ranking approach of
center of area (COA) is applied to the model in order to avoid the problem of the
multiplication of more than two fuzzy numbers. A Chi square test is also conducted to gain
more insight about the independent/dependent criteria.
A set of essential criteria for selecting advertising agency, including both qualitative and
quantitative criteria are selected and divided into benefit and cost. Furthermore, a
numerical example has demonstrated the feasibility of the proposed model. The
proposed model can help companies to evaluate and select the the suitableadvertising
agency. Finally, some comments are suggested for further research.