Scientific Measurement

Scientific Measurement
Length or Distance
• The SI (Systems
International), units is
the meter. A meter is a
little longer than a
yard stick.
• A meter is divided up
into smaller units
Tools for measuring length
• Metric ruler
• Metric tape
• Meter stick
Measuring Weight
• Objects are slightly lighter
when weighed at the
equator than at the poles.
• This is because an object’s
weight depends on the
force of gravity.
• At the equator, gravity is
measurably less, so things
are lighter.
• Thus weight
measurements is
unreliable for scientific
What is Mass?
• Mass is the amount of
matter that an object
• Mass does not depend on
gravity, therefore, an
object’s mass always
remains the same no
matter where the
measurement is taken.
• In the metric (SI) system
the basic unit of mass is