The Water Cycle Clouds and Water Vapor

The Water Cycle
Clouds and Water Vapor
What’s Up With Water?
Water is everywhere.
Water can be found in 3 different states, solid,
liquid, and gas.
Water falling from the sky is called
There are four types of precipitation: rain,
snow, sleet, and hail.
Types of Precipitation
Precipitation is determined by air temperature
Rain- in warm air, water vapor forms rain
Snow- cold air causes water vapor to form
Sleet- small ice pellets
Hail- lumps of ice
What is a Cloud?
Clouds are formed by warm air being forced upward. (
moist air is lighter than dry air)
Warm air expands then cools
Water vapor condenses into water droplets
Droplets are so small they remain suspended in air
and form around dust particles and other particles in
the air.
Billions of these droplets form a cloud
Types of Clouds
Clouds are classified by shape and height
Shape and height vary because of
temperature, pressure, and amt. of water vapor
Three main types- Cirrus, Stratus, and
Three main heights- Cirro (high), Alto (middle),
Strato (low)