Individual differences Learners may have different…

Individual differences
 Learners may have different…
previous learning experiences
ability to remember things
speeds of learning
learning styles
levels in language skills
preferences for instructional methods
topics they find interesting
beliefs about what a teacher should do
What is needs analysis?
 Needs analysis involves the gathering of
information to find out how much the students
already know and what they still need to learn.
It serves as the basis for developing a
curriculum that will meet the learning needs
of a particular group of students.
What is needs analysis?
 Where learners are starting from
 What learners would like to learn
 How they want to study it
 Objective needs can be derived from different
kinds of factual information about learners,
including students’ backgrounds, students’
current language proficiency and language
difficulties, and students’ needs with respect to
how they will use or deal with English outside
of the classroom.
 Subjective needs are the cognitive and
affective needs of the learner in the learning
situation, derivable from information about
affective and cognitive factors such as
personality, confidence, attitudes, learners’
expectations with regard to the learning of
English and their individual cognitive style and
learning strategies.
 Types of instruments
Existing information