Figurative Language Project Instructions

Figurative Language Project Instructions
1. Choose a song lyric that is an example of figurative language and write it neatly on white
2. Neatly write the definition of the figurative language you are using (Google it!)
3. Draw an illustration to represent the song lyric or the figurative language.
4. Cite your source at the bottom. Make sure all the periods and commas are included; it’s
part of the format!
a. Last Name, First Name. “Title of Song.” Title of Album. Name of Record Label,
Year. CD.
Ex: West, Kanye. “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.” Graduation. Roc-a-fella, 2007. CD.
Ex: Nirvana. "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Nevermind. Geffen, 1991. CD.