Name:_______________________ 1. Please define these concepts: Nuclear family

Exam #4 Concepts-Soc.110
Ch. 18 * Family
Ch. 18 * Family
1. Please define these concepts:
Nuclear family
Extended family
Conjugal family
Empty nest family
The sandwich generation
2. How are children seen economically in high income VS. low income countries?
3. What is the most difficult transition in married life?
4. Explain the major reasons for the rise in the divorce rate in the U.S..
5. Which categories of people has the highest divorce rate?
6. What is generally common in the history of most child abusers?
7. Jack and Jill are moving in together. What effect will this have on their chances of
getting married?
8. What trends are suggesting the traditional family is eroding?
Ch. 20 * Education
1. What is the primary factor determining who gets into college in Japan, as opposed to
the Unites States?
2. What is the main focus of education in the U.S.?
3. Discuss the latent and manifest functions of education.
4. Explain the concepts of:
Functional illiteracy
Magnet schools
5. What is the relationship between income and college attendance?
6. Discuss why community colleges are an important part of higher education in the U.S..
7. What is the effect of additional schooling on personal income?
8. Explain how a rigid bureaucracy can harm schooling.
9. What were the recommendations from “A Nation At Risk” for producing a better
educational system?
10. Explain the rationale behind the school choice movement.
Ch. 21 * Health and Medicine
1. What share of the US. Is overweight?
2. As technology reduces infectious diseases in poor countries, what is the effect of
3. What three factors are Americans most apt. to die from?
4. What is social epidemiology?
5. What are young Americans most apt. to die from?
6. What is the relationship between gender and health?
7. What is the greatest preventable cause of death in the US?
8. What sexually transmitted disease infects about one in five adults?
9. If I wanted to study AIDS, where would I find the most severe epidemic of AIDS?
10. What activities would place you most at risk for HIV infection?
11. Explain the concept of euthanasia.
12. How can the current research on human genetics effect our health care system?
Ch. 22 * Population
1. The current world population is about?
2. Please explain the following concepts.
Crude birth rate
3. What is the relationship between a country’s income and the crude birth rate?
4. What is the relationship between the average income level and the population increase?
5. If a country such as India has a sex ratio of 106, what does this tell us about their desire
for sons or daughters?
6. Why did families have many children throughout most of human history?
7. Please explain the Malthusian theory.
9. What is “zero population growth”?