NOSFARATU Blood, blood, you run so crooked Down to catch the velvet

Blood, blood, you run so crooked
Down to catch the velvet
Of my evening dress.
Velvet blue sea of bloody mess.
And blood red blood, you warmed my empty hands.
Hands so broken
Even as my hero escort held me,
Nearly whispering in my ear
All the words my heart could hope to hear.
Dancing in the sea of happy people
Cheeks touch and blood runs,
Nearly caressing
Nearly whispering
All my heart could hope to hear.
No my dear, you were not near
But gladly thanked him for his service.
Didn’t you feel a bit ridiculous
Undressing a blood soaked princess,
Lapping me up like some precious pearl?
Oh I’ve done my time with
Blood burnt in candles and labored late night meals
Blood spent in nimble fingers hand ripping basil.
The pasta might as well have charred
Your selfish mouth all black and bloody
Then maybe there would be some paying
For all I’ve spent on you.
You often speak so well of canyonsI am a fjord!
So deep that blue becomes the night
Silver heart and metal mind
My blood the streams of the alpine.
Du kan ikke elske en kvinne
Som blod du ikke elsker.
An iceberg left in your swimming pool
I’ve left and only cold consumes?
Well my friend you froze me well
No blood left to warm
No words left to tell,
I could not stay where ice age lay
The world has come my way
To heal this empty shell.