North Seattle College Level 4 Writing and Grammar Syllabus Spring 2016

North Seattle College
Level 4 Writing and Grammar Syllabus
Spring 2016
Instructor: Yvette Leland
Office Hours: Before or after class
Class Room: IB1410
Class Hours: 12:00-1:50 M-F
Classroom Text:
Grammar in Context 3
6th edition:
By Sandra Elbaum
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Course Goals:
Think critically in reading and writing.
Discover, develop, and communicate one’s own creative and critical
ideas in writing and to respond in effective writing to the spoken, written,
and visual ideas of others.
Access, evaluate, and apply information from a variety of sources.
Topical Outline and/or Major Divisions:
1. Review of tenses from Level 3.
2. Introduction and practice of all new grammar.
3. Introduction to summarizing and paraphrasing. Avoiding Plagiarism.
4. Introduction to structure of the 5 paragraph essay.
5. Practice writing and editing in and out of class.
6. Grammar Presentation
I believe that for learning to be effective, it must be applicable. This means that, as much as possible,
we will apply what we learn in class to real-life situations. We will also incorporate the perspectives
and learning styles of all class members to help each other reach his or her educational goals.
Student Responsibilities:
1. Read the IEP Policy student handbook. 3 times late to class=1 absence
2. Class starts at noon. Please arrive on time.
3. Ask questions when you do not understand.
Grammar tests 25% (drop lowest score) Writing tests25%
Final 25%
Homework/Attendance/Participation 25%
Grade Access at the End of the Quarter: you can find out your final class grades online. The
International Program will send out information about how to do this near the end of the quarter.
Due to confidentiality issues, I cannot email you your final grades.
Possible College Closures:
The college may close because of weather or other emergencies. Listen to radio or TV broadcasts or check
on the Internet at Information is usually available before 6 a.m.
IEP Rules: It is your responsibility to know and follow the rules in the IEP
Handbook .
IEP Attendance Policy:
5 absences: Warning notice
10 absences: You will fail the class, but you must continue attending to avoid being
dismissed from NSCC.
15 absences: Your I-20 is terminated and you are dismissed from NSCC for 1 year.
3 Tardies (late to class or from break) = 1 absence
Note: If you are 30 minutes or more late to class or leave class 30 minutes or more early,
you will receive an absence for the day.
IEP Failure to Make Academic Progress Policy:
According to U.S. F-1 visa rules students who fail to make satisfactory academic progress will
be dismissed from the program and will need to transfer to a different school or leave the U.S.
They will be considered out of status by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. “Failing to
make satisfactory progress” means the following:
 You have failed one class two times.
 You did not attend a class regularly (see attendance policy).
Cheating/plagiarism is when you copy or memorize ideas or text from a friend, relative, or
classmate or from a book, magazine, newspaper, live/recorded lecture or the Internet and pretend
it is your own work. It is also cheating if you use work you did for a previous class. It is easily
discovered and will result with failure on the assignment and potentially failing the course. It can
also result in failure and dismissal from the program. With all of your school work, both the
choice of words and the grammatical structure must be your own.
Faculty Collaboration Day: Thursday, May 5
Mdemorial Day: Monday, May 30
End of Quarter Celebration: Friday, June 10
I am very happy to have you in my class and help you improve your English.
Please come to me if you have any questions or need any extra help.