IEP 041 Grammar/Writing 4 Fall 2015 Instructor: Anne Forester Office: IB 3411A

IEP 041 Grammar/Writing 4
Fall 2015
Instructor: Anne Forester
Office: IB 3411A
Office Hours: by appointment
Phone: (206) 934-4554
Classroom: CC 3352
Class time: 12:00-1:50 pm Monday through Friday
Required Texts: Grammar in Context, 6th Edition
Please buy this at the bookstore! Do not get a book that has been written in.
Required Materials:
Please bring a 3-ring binder, lined paper or notebook (8 ½ X 11 sized paper), pencil, and
eraser or pen.
Course Objectives:
The main objective of this course:
 You will improve your English grammar.
 You will improve your English writing skills.
 You will learn about American academic culture.
In order to improve your English grammar and writing skills, it is important to do the
 Come to every class session. Arrive on time and do not leave early. Come back
from break on time.
 Come to class prepared by doing your homework and turning it in on time.
 If you are sick or have an emergency, notify me by phone or e-mail.
 If you miss a class, make up the work you missed.
 Ask questions if you don’t understand.
 Respect your classmates and work with them.
IEP Rules: It is your responsibility to know and follow the rules in the IEP
Handbook .
Note: There is now a no smoking policy on campus. You may not smoke on campus.
IEP Attendance Policy:
5 absences: Warning notice.
10 absences: You will fail the class, but you must continue attending to avoid being
dismissed from NSC.
15 absences: Your I-20 is terminated and you are dismissed from NSC for 1 year.
3 Tardies (late to class or from break) = 1 absence.
Note: If you are 30 minutes or more late to class or leave class 30 minutes or more
early, you will receive an absence for the day.
I will give you a % grade on each assignment so you can see your progress.
90% or more = High pass
80-89% = Pass
75-79% = Low pass
74% and below = Fail
Grade Breakdown:
Writing Assignments 20%
Grammar Tests
20% (drop lowest score)
Writing Tests
20% (drop lowest score)
Final Exams
25% (combined)
Note: You must have 75% or above in both grammar and writing.
Moving to the Next Level: Students must pass both grammar/writing and reading/vocabulary
classes to move up a level in both classes. If they fail either class, they must repeat both classes in
the next quarter.
IEP Failure to Make Academic Progress Policy:
According to U.S. F-1 visa rules, students who fail to make satisfactory academic progress will be
dismissed from the program and will need to transfer to a different school or leave the U.S. They
will be considered out of status by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. “Failing to make
satisfactory progress” means the following:
 You have failed one class two times.
 You did not attend a class regularly (see attendance policy).
Cheating/plagiarism is when you copy or memorize ideas or text from a friend, relative, or
classmate or from a book, magazine, newspaper, live/recorded lecture or the Internet and pretend
it is your own work. It is also cheating if you use work you did for a previous class. It is easily
discovered and will result with failure on the assignment and potentially failing the course. It can
also result in failure and dismissal from the program. With all of your school work, both the
choice of words and the grammatical structure must be your own.
Disability Information: In my commitment to student learning, I want to support all students.
If you have a disability that will affect your performance in this class, please let me know [see my
e-mail and phone # on page one of this syllabus.] Students with disabilities are encouraged to use
Disability Services for support in implementing reasonable accommodations for their disabilities.
You may make an appointment with Disability Services by calling 934-3697 or stopping by the
DS office on the 2nd floor of the Campus Center (2346A).
Inclement Weather: Sometimes we have snow in Seattle, particularly in Fall/Winter Quarter.
If there is snow on a school day, please call me, and I will have a recorded message saying
whether or not class is cancelled. Please don’t assume class is cancelled unless NSC announces
that the entire school is closed.