Listening/Speaking 5: Test Study Guide #3 Name: ____________________________

Listening/Speaking 5: Test Study Guide #3
Name: ____________________________
Answer each question completely and submit with your test (50 points).
Chapter 5:
1. Remember that numbers are in group of _______ digits. It may help you to write a __________ every time
you hear a word such as _____________, _____________, or ______________. (page 44)
Note that some large numbers can be stated as ______________.
2. Rewrite the following as large numbers, fractions, or decimals: (page 43-45)
“Four and a quarter million dollars”
“One hundred thousand two hundred and fifty people”
“Ten billion five hundred thousand three hundred sixty-two puppies”
“Thirteen point oh five nine percent”
“Five eighths of the class”
“Ninety point two million hits on Facebook”
(Practice saying these numbers out loud!)
3. Match the vocabulary on the left with their sentence on the right: (page 52-53)
1. phenomenon
a. ______________ refers to a person’s culture, religion, or country of origin.
2. ethnicity
b. Dogs and cats ________________ at different rates.
3. implications
c. Treating pets as family is a cultural _______________ in the United States.
4. mature
d. The _______________, or consequences, of your actions could be serious.
5. statistically
e. Being struck by lightening, _________________ speaking, is highly unlikely.
Chapter 6:
1. Summarize the 3 Listening and Note-Taking strategies found on page 80.
2. Be able to use the following vocabulary words in the short answer questions on the test. Practice writing a
sentence for each word describing “stress” and its effects on your health. (page 78)
a. hazardous
b. inevitable
c. immune
d. monitor
e. virtually