The Harlem Renaissance Trimble Writing Exercise #3

ENGL&101 – English Composition I (Online) – The Harlem Renaissance
Trimble Writing Exercise #3
This writing exercise has two parts. Please use this form to complete both parts and then submit it to me using
the drop box at the bottom of the Week 3 page.
Part 1: Choose two words from this week’s assigned reading that you did not know the meanings
of. Look up the words in a dictionary and IN YOUR OWN WORDS explain the definition for
Term 1:
Term 2:
Part 2: On page 41 of Writing With Style, John Trimble provides a list of “bookish” adverbs, or
adverbs used chiefly in print (as opposed to conversation). Use the space below to write a 4-5
sentence paragraph (about anything you want!) that uses AT LEAST THREE adverbs from the list.
Remember, to get the full power from these words, you should begin your sentence with the
bookish adverb.