ANTHROPOLOGY 202:Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Dr. Omara B. Abe

ANTHROPOLOGY 202:Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
A Distance Learning Course: Faces of Cultures
Dr. Omara B. Abe
Communications with your Instructor:
1) Phone: 206-526-7012 (24hr Voice mail message)
2) e-mail: [email protected]
3) Division secretary: 206-527-3722
Distance Learning:
This course is offered to those who cannot
attend regular classes. You do receive the
same quality instruction and education as an
on-campus student. You must, however, be
committed to develop a discipline of studying
and completing assignments on time.
Course Description and Objectives:
The course description for
Anthropology 202T is on the following
Written Works and Communications
All written assignments must be turned in or
mailed in. There are three possible ways of
getting these assignments to me.
a) -by e-mail: [email protected]
b) -by post to: Social Sciences Division
9600 College Way North, Seattle 98103
c) -use campus mail and drop-off for
d) Please e-mail for class list-serve
How Distance Learning Operates
Meeting Your Instructor
Each class is required to meet at least once.
The first meeting will be in IB 3409 at
7:30PM-8:30PM, Monday June 26, 2000.
This meeting is important as it is the time
when all the major instructions on the
procedure of the class are handed out and
discussed. Two extra optional meeting
dates will be announced.
Audio Visual Learning.
You may view the materials in the Media
Center or rent to use at home for the quarter.
The videos are to supplement your readings
and text materials.
1999.(9th edition) by William Haviland.
Harcourt Brace, Publishers.
Study Guide for the Telecourse Faces of
Culture. (1998) (6th edition) by William
Haviland.. Harcourt Brace, Publishers.
Written Work**
Your written work will be a SIX page essay
of reading and videos. This assignment must
be turned in on August 18, 2000. Please see
instructions and questions that are enclosed.
Essay topics/questions for THE PAPER
are attached with instructions. Choose
ONE of these!!!
There will be ONE exams on the following
dates: August 13-18, 2000. Please read
** Please do not mail your assignments to
the Distance Learning Office. Note
address given above carefully.