1. I never knew how infinite the learning ability... read the article about George.

1. I never knew how infinite the learning ability of a human being could be until I
read the article about George.
2. I wonder how he stared to study at his age.
3. I think that that’s what Michelle would have wanted.
4. I listened carefully to what the teacher said in class.
5. George Dawson was illiterate, which motivated him to learn at a late age.
6. The last difference between us is when we began to study in school.
7. George, who comes from a very poor lineage, didn’t have a chance to go to
school in his early age.
8. George was an old man, who had studied English since he was 98 years old.
9. I feel that without improving my English, I can’t get my job career goal.
10. I really want to know how an old person could get so much progress.
11. I think that there are some similarities and differences between Dawson and me.
12. George Dawson found that studying was fun.
13. Women can be part of the army when they are teenagers.
14. We believed that learning would never be too late and we wanted to make a
difference in our lives.
Identify the noun clauses