Course Syllabus for IEP 052: Reading and Vocabulary 5

North Seattle Community College
Arts, Humanities and Adult Basic Education Division
Spring 2010
Course Syllabus for IEP 052:
Reading and Vocabulary 5
Time: 2:30 - 3:35 MTWTh
Instructor: Melanie Baker
Office: IB 2423 C8
Classroom: CC 3350
Phone: 527-3752
Email: [email protected]
Required Text
Making Connections, Intermediate: A Strategic Approach to Academic Reading
by Jo McEntire and Jessica Williams (Cambridge University Press)
Recommended Text (optional)
Longman Advanced American Dictionary
(Longman Publishing Group)
Required Materials
3-ring notebook with loose-leaf paper
Pens or pencils
Textbook & handouts
Index cards (at least 100)
Course Goals
In this class you will improve your vocabulary and academic reading skills. We will focus on
increased reading comprehension, library skills, and vocabulary skills.
You will increase your ability to:
 Identify the main ideas and supporting details of reading passages.
 Identify word roots and affixes to understand the meaning of unknown words.
 Identify author bias and text credibility.
 Recognize figurative language.
 Make inferences based on what you have read.
 Increase your reading speed.
 Write short reports and summaries of what you have read.
 Access and evaluate information from the library and the Internet.
Course Requirements
Come to class prepared!
Come to class on time!
North Seattle Community College
Arts, Humanities and Adult Basic Education Division
Spring 2010
Come to class!  (You should attend ALL classes… if you have 8 absences or more, you will
FAIL this class!  If you know that you must be absent on a specific day, tell me or e-mail me
before the class. If you are absent on the day of a test or a quiz, it is your responsibility
to talk to me about taking the test/quiz at another time).
Be kind and respectful.
Complete all assignments on time. I will subtract 5 points from your grade for each day that
an assignment is late (1 day late = -5; 2 days late = -10, etc…).
Your grade for this class will be based on in-class participation and preparedness, homework,
reading and vocabulary assignments, and scores on quizzes and tests.
10%: Participation, preparedness, and homework
20%: Reading & Vocabulary Assignments
20%: Quizzes
30%: Tests
10%: Final Reading Exam
10%: Final Vocabulary Exam
Notes about Homework
Completing homework assignments is an extremely important part of improving your English
 All homework should be done BEFORE class begins. Do not do homework during class.
 Do not copy another student’s homework.
 Do not ask someone else to do your homework for you.
 Do not copy your homework off of the Internet!
Notes about Plagiarism
‘Plagiarism’ is when a writer uses words that were written or said by someone else in their own
writing or speech. Although some cultures consider this an honor, in the US this is considered
cheating and is NOT okay. Some examples of plagiarism are:
 Copying someone’s homework or paper.
 Copying a paper (or PART of a paper) from a book, magazine, article, or the Internet.
 Letting someone else do an assignment for you.
Important Dates
Monday, April 5th: First day of class.
Monday, May 31st: Memorial Day, no class.
Friday, June 11th: Last day of class.