Thomas Harriot brief about the people in Virginia

Sofia Barchow
4th October 2015
Thomas Harriot brief about the people in Virginia
Thomas Harriot have wrote a lot about the people in Virginia in the years 1590. Thomas
Harriot wrote a brief about them because he wanted to get bigger and get richer. For instance
he wrote about how better they were than them: “If there fall out any wars between us & them,
what their fight is likely to be, we having advantages against them so many manner of ways, as
by our discipline, our strange weapons and devices.. ..the turning up of their heels against us in
running away was their best defense. “. Where he continued further down in the text: “..and
many other things that we had, were so strange to them…”
He also wrote badly about them because they weren’t like them, for instance he wrote: “In
respect of us they are a people poor, and for want of skill and judgment in the knowledge and use
of our things, do esteem our trifles before things of greater value..”
In the whole brief he wrote about them like they weren’t real human. He wrote about them
like they were from another planet or world.
So Thomas Harriot’s purposed with the brief is to take advantage to set up a business because
his values is money. In the first part called “The first part of merchantable commodities” he
wrote about their nature and how good commodities they had and he likes it because he
would earn a lot of money on it.