College Reading-Questions for Unit 1.

College Reading-Questions for Unit 1.
1. In this unit, we will read about underground homes,
hotels, and other facilities in the city of Coober Pedy,
Australia. What are some of the things that people
associate with the “underground” Write 5 words that you
think are related to/associated with things that are
2. If you could peel back the top layer of the earth, what
would you find? (Of course, what you might find
depends on where on the earth you look underground.
3. Do animals live underground? Which ones? (Use your
dictionaries to translate the names into English if you
don’t know.)
4. What is a “mine”? What do people mine for?
5. What do you think it would be like living in an
underground home? Brainstorm the positive and
negative aspects of this.
6. fossils