Storage Calculation Clarification

Storage Calculation Clarification
The scoring system is fairly simple in that each inch of any type of storage system has
some value. Below I have illustrated how you can determine on size or shaped units.
A W1230 has 3 shelves. Each shelf is 12” wide and 12” deep. To calculate the valve of
this cabinet you would multiply 12” x 3 (number of shelves) = 36” of storage. What
happens if the cabinet is a WEC2430?
Since it has ½ the storage of a W1230 it would be worth 50% of 36” or 18”. This would
work for base as well as wall.
For corner cabinets we can only count what we can access. A Blind Corner Base 48 has
only 24” of accessible space so it would have the same value as a B24. If you BCB48 has
a full-depth shelf, here is the math. 24” x 2-24” deep shelves = 96” of shelf storage and
48” of drawer storage. If your BCB 48 has a swing out shelf how much additional
accessible space would you have? This will be subjective but I would give it 25% more
shelf storage space or an additional 24” in this situation.
We do have a fixed value for a LSB36 at 120” of shelf storage.
As far as miscellaneous storage: 4” deep spice shelves, vertical tray dividers on top of an
oven cabinet, a pot rack over a range, vertical plate racks, etc.