Moving Toys ...cams mechanism...

Moving Toys
This term we are going to focus on one particular
Best described as an odd shaped wheel
Used to convert rotary motion into linear motion
As the cam rotates then the follower follows the shape
(profile) of the cam
Different shaped cams will cause the follower to move up and
down in a different way.
What is a cam?
A simple cam mechanism consists of...
Cam follower –
Wheel or Cam –
Follows the outline
(profile) of the cam
wheel, moving up and
down as a result
Remains in a fixed
position. Turns causing
the toy to move up and
down as required
Axle – Supports and
Crank Handle –
turns the cam wheel
Frame - Holds the
mechanism in place
and provides stability
Operates the
mechanism by turning
the axle and cam wheel
What could
you make?
Think about
the movement
Now onto some design ideas...
Your design