Audience Worksheet  Audience

Audience Worksheet
Who will be listening to your presentation? Check all that apply.
x Peers
 Superiors Audience Worksheet
 Subordinates
xStrangers People going on vacation.
What general characteristics do you know about the audience?
What do they expect you to talk about?
Experience with topic
xOther Cost, sites, entertainment.
What does your audience need to know about the topic? Check and explain all that apply.
x General background or overview : Cost and what are some different things to do.
 Details
 Cost estimates
 Other
How will your listeners use this information? Check and explain all that apply.
x Make decisions To decide if they would like to spend their vacation there.
 Perform a task
 Form an opinion
 Increase understanding
 Other
What are your audience’s biggest concerns or objections? Check and explain all that apply.
x Too expensive If they can afford the trip.
 Too difficult
 Other