Terry A. Austin Chairman - Biology Department Temple College

Terry A. Austin
Chairman - Biology Department
Temple College
Temple, TX 76504
It is my pleasure to offer my strongest support to Jo Smith’s application to your program.
Ms. Smith has been a student of mine throughout the past year here at Temple College. I
first met Jo in the Fall of 2004 when she signed up for my Anatomy & Physiology I class.
She stayed with me through the Spring for A&P-II and into the summer with
Microbiology. I have found her to be an outstanding student who constantly ranked at
the top of my classes.
Jo brings a level of maturity and responsibility to her classroom performance that is
refreshing and inspiring. Considering a wide range of positive, effective personality traits
I have observed in Jo during her time as my student I can easily envision this fine student
as an outstanding medical provider. Jo is a bright, caring individual who would be an
invaluable asset to any program lucky enough to enlist fine student.
If you have any questions about Jo or her circumstances, do not hesitate to contact me.
My best regards,
Terry A. Austin