Survey Questions 1.

Survey Questions
What software package does your institution use? How long have they used it?
POISE: We began installing POISE modules Fall 1998.
What software package did your institution use before the current package? Why
did they change?
In-house AS/400 programs in RPG.
AS/400 needed major upgrade to allow Y2K compliant version of OS.
Our programs were old and it was time to rethink system design and
probably redesign and reprogram all of the Student Records system.
Evaluated options and decided to go with POISE. One of the main factors in
this decision was the number of Texas community colleges who were already
using this software.
What personnel do your institution employee to support I.S. functions? What are
their starting salaries? All of Temple College’s I.S. functions are covered in the
positions listed below. Please list your comparable structure and starting salaries.
Director of Information Services
Assistant Director of I.S. (Systems Programmer)
Senior Programmer
Mainframe Operator
Telecommunications/Network Administrator
Hardware Technician III
Hardware Technician II
Help Center Coordinator
Telephone/Mail Clerk
Computer Lab Assistants (4)
Web Manager
Director of Computer Services
Network Manager
PC Specialist
The only personnel listed above that would be used for a software conversion and
afterward support is the Assistant Director, Senior Programmer, and Mainframe
Operator. What was your institution’s personnel requirement for the conversion
phase? The afterward support? Please include all positions in other
departments that may perform I.S. type duties.
Only the Director of Computer Services was involved, although the Network
Manager did provide some hardware support .
What were your experiences with the installation and conversion of your software
We worked with ESP-Tulsa in our purchase and installation of POISE. (Call
David Hamlin, ESP, 918-437-4920 ext. 212). They are a terrific group and
came onsite to install each module and provide training. The person who
installs and provides training for a module is the same person who provides
telephone support, modifications, etc. We are on a first name basis with all
of them. These people sound too good to be true, but they are dedicated to
service and I have not been disappointed.
As with any conversion, it was not entirely painless. However the ESP folks
have continued to work with us and things are going well.
I always spoiled my users, adding features to programs to make their life
easier, and many of them miss their AS/400 and whine sometimes. In the
long run, I am confident that they will accept that POISE is better choice for
our future. I have run a one-person shop for most of my time at VRJC and
finally feel like I can take a vacation without worrying about everything
falling apart.
Did the software vendor provide training to your staff as well as other college
personnel? Was it adequate? Is it ongoing?
Training is thorough but rather fast and sometimes too much information is
presented in too short a time. The manuals are decent. The telephone
support for ongoing training is excellent. In addition there are POISE users
How is the level of service you receive for user support and system support?
What is the cost for this?
Level of support is good.
What was the cost of the software package(s)? Is there a cost for each user?
What is the annual maintenance cost?
Price is based on modules. Our total so far is around $160,000.
I believe our support costs are about $30,000 annually. We are continuing to
add modules, and some are still under warranty. Annual cost is based on a
percentage of module price. I am pleased with user support.
Does the software vendor provide regular and timely updates? How about for
Federal and State reporting requirements?
There is a person at ESP who has the function of keeping up with the
Coordinating Board reports for Texas and keeping all of the program
changes done. He does a good job, and this was one task I was certainly glad
to get rid of. Yes, our updates are timely.
What hardware platform does your system run on? What is the cost associated
with this?
DEC Alpha Server, Open VMS.
Does your software currently allow for Web based access (Application,
Registration, and Payment)?
Yes, but we have not installed that module. Will probably do so in the
How do you handle security for traffic outside your firewall?
The only issue so far was allowing ESP personnel to telnet/ftp to the DEC
Alpha server, which is behind the firewall. I made a routing change to
permit one IP address to come through.
Have not yet addressed issue of web based access with relation to firewall.
If you have any questions about POISE or our conversion, I would be happy
to talk to you. My phone number is 940-552-6291 ext. 2242 and my name is
Chris Slosser.
The information in my response to this survey is for your use only. I would
prefer not to see my comments quoted or distributed.
By the way, are you aware of TACCCIO? We do have an organization. The
IS manager at the host school chairs the program and decides the agenda.
We meet several times per year.