Sentence Analysis

Sentence Analysis
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(Copy a sentence from a news article
into the box below)
1. What type of sentence is this?
A. Simple
B. Compound
C. Complex
D. Compound/Complex
2. Write the simple subject(s) of the sentence
3. Write the verb(s)
4. The sentence is:
Active Voice
Passive Voice
(Circle one)
5. Write the direct object(s)—if any—below (If no direct object, write none):
If there are no direct objects, Circle the reason:
The verb(s) is(are):
(Circle one)
(See directions below for 6, 7, & 8)
For 6, 7, and 8:
Copy three (3) excerpts from the sentence, and identify one of the following elements in each
excerpt. If necessary, circle the element to show exactly which part of the excerpt you are
referring to in your answer.
Example: “…His committee rose to the occasion and voted yes…”
(The prepositional phrase is circled)
NOTE: You may copy and identify only one of each.
For example, you may NOT copy and identify three prepositional phrases.
Grammatical Elements:
Prepositional Phrase, Dependent Clause, Infinitive Phrase, Gerund, Appositive,
Possessive Pronoun, Article, Adverb, Present Participle, Past Participle, Auxiliary verb