1.Colonists were not really hurt and they would smuggle goods.

British Actions
1. Navigation ActsColonists could only
ship certain products
to G.B. and a duty
was placed on them
2. French and Indian
War over North
America was
expensive. Greenville
demanded that
colonists help with
Colonists Reactions
1.Colonists were
not really hurt
and they would
smuggle goods.
2. G.B. looked for
sources to pay off
their debt from the
war. (Colonists)
3. Britain passes the
Stamp Act, a direct tax,
that required all printed
materials have a stamp
that showed that a tax
had been paid.
3. Colonists boycott
British goods and
later formed the
Stamp Act Congress.
“No taxation without
4. More taxes and
4. Troops were harassed and
sent troops to
shots were fired leading to 5
support the governor deaths. Known as the
in Boston
Boston Massacre
5. Taxed tea
5. Boston Tea Party
6. Intolerable Acts- Closed 6. First Continental
Boston Harbor and took awayCongress- first time leaders
from different colonies met
colonists rights to self
face to face.
Thomas Paine wrote Common Sense which
called for the colonists to break away from
Battles breakout between the colonists and
the Redcoats (British soldiers).
Thomas Jefferson writes the
Declaration of Independence,
colonists win war.
1st government was Articles of
Constitution of the United States was
written, government becomes a
representative government and is a
Federal government.