Cycles Foldable Activity

Cycles Foldable Activity
Background: In your own words, and from your previous knowledge, what
do plants need to survive? What do animals need to survive?
Purpose: To understand how water, carbon, and oxygen are exchanged in
living and nonliving things.
Materials: paper, colored pencils, crayons, or markers
Fold one piece of paper in half lengthwise.
Divide the half into three squares.
Cut three lines along your folds to the original half fold.
Leave your paper folded so you have three flaps.
Label flap one: water, flap two: carbon, flap three: oxygen
Under each flap, draw, color, and label each cycle. Use your textbook
for help. Water cycle(hydrologic) pg413, carbon cycle pg 414, oxygen
cycle pg 413
7. Under the flap for each drawing, summarize each cycle in words.
8. Use pages 412-416 to answer the analysis questions
Water cycle
1. What is another name for the water cycle?
2. What is transpiration?
3. Can matter such as water ever disappear? Explain.
Carbon cycle
4. What contributes to atmospheric carbon dioxide?
5. How does the “simplest” transfer of carbon occur?
6. What organisms can reduce this atmospheric CO2?
Oxygen cycle
7. Why do plants release oxygen?
8. What organisms take in oxygen? Why?
Conclusion (2-3 sentences): Explain how plants and animals cycle
material between eachother. Do you think one could survive without
the other? Why or why not?