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Letter Template (September 2009 – Version 09/09)
I.17 UMFA-Transfer
Reminder: Please pay attention to texts in red font - you will have to change the font
colour to black as appropriate, or delete the statement or paragraph if not applicable.
Please attach this letter to the completed Academic Appointment Form and submit to
Human Resources.
Dear (name):
Re: Position Number (number)
It is a pleasure to offer you a transfer to the following department/faculty:
New Department:
Effective Date of Transfer:
Appointment End Date:
< e.g. Fort Garry campus>
(Delete this whole row if tenured, probationary or continuing)
Duties and Responsibilities
Your initial duties, which may be altered from time to time, will include (specify duties, e.g.,
courses to be taught by number and name, credit hours, research, service, etc.).
All other terms and conditions of your most recent letter of offer will remain unchanged and you
will retain any research/study leave credits which you have accumulated to date.
Please note that we cannot process your transfer, until we receive the signed copy of this letter. If
you accept this transfer, please sign one copy of this letter and return to (insert address) by
(specify date). Retain the other copy for your files.
I extend to you a very warm welcome.
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Department Head
I accept this offer of a transfer dated (date of letter) on the terms and conditions specified in this
letter. I understand that the terms and conditions of my employment as stated in this letter are the
only obligations of the University of Manitoba to me with respect to this appointment.
cc. Releasing Dean/Director (if moving to new Faculty)
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