DHS Web Guidelines for Faculty and Staff

DHS Web Guidelines for Faculty and Staff
The district standard for web page creation is Dreamweaver MX and Schoolwires.
Create your pages following the formatting guidelines below. Test your pages with Internet
Fonts: Standard for site is Arial font, but other fonts are acceptable as long as pages are
Graphics: It is best not to “resize” graphics after you insert them into your web page. Size them
in your favorite photo editor, save them, and then insert them into your page.
Save your HTML files with the suffix: .htm [NOT .html] This eliminates potential problems with
platform issues [i.e. PC vs. Mac vs UNIX]
Save images to one folder. Name the folder: Images - Be sure to test your pages after you get
your images saved into one folder!
It is best to save files using the 8.3 naming standard and all in lowercase. Example: science.htm
instead of: ScienceProject.htm
Backgrounds – white is preferable, but other backgrounds are acceptable as long as we don’t
have black backgrounds with black text.
At the bottom of each page create a link back to the home page, a link that says: Contact the
Webmaster, a link that says: This page maintained by: your name. Insert the date the page was
last updated.
Permission to use student names/photos are not needed on campus Intranet pages, but are
required when we begin working with the Denton High global Internet pages.
Please cite resources for copyright purposes. Especially if photos, videos, music files from the
Internet are used.
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