Biweekly Current Events Current Events

Current Events
Biweekly Current Events
Read the newspaper, watch the news, or read a scholarly journal to find an
interesting event that is occurring in the world that is affecting a large global
society. After reading or watching a global current event write a summary.
Then identify the global problem or situation in the article. State who is
affected and how the society is impacted by the problem. List 3 realistic
solutions to the problem. Be sure to correctly cite the source of the current
event using MLA format.
Possible Online Resources:
o Time for Kids,28413,080502,00.html
o ABC News
o RCMS webpageFor StudentsLibrary ResourcesScroll down to
____ (45) Summary-conventions, title, entire article attached
____ (10) Global Problem/Situation
____ (15) People impact/Societal affects
____ (15) 3 D/C Icons
____ (15) MLA format
____ (100) Total