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Write a letter home telling Aunt Minerva (or whomever) about your trip to the Middle East. Tell them
about three things you saw that reminded you of home. Tell them about three things you saw that were
very different. Finally, tell them about one thing you saw that you would like to learn more about.
Example from class:
Dear Aunt Minerva,
I have been having a great time over here. Some of the things I have seen really remind me of
home. For example, did you know that they have McDonalds over here? You can buy fruit in a grocery
store just like home. And you should see the mall. Wow!
Some of the things I have seen are really different though. Five times a day people stop what they
are doing and go outside together and pray on rugs on the ground. Also, women in some countries in
this region must wear black robes that cover them from head to foot. Finally in one town I stopped in I
noticed that only men were allowed to hang out in the cafes.
I really loved the architecture and beautiful mosaics I saw. I would love to learn more about those.
Your favorite Niece,