Science Study Sheet – Unit 1

Science Study Sheet – Unit 1
*Levels of organization from least to most complex
Cells ----› Tissues ----› Organs ----› Organ Systems ----› Organism
*What 2 organelles are only in a plant cell, not in an animal cell?
Chloroplast and Cell Wall
*Cell Theory
1. All cells come from pre-existing cells. 2. All organisms are made up of at least one cell. 3. Cells are the
basic unit of life.
*Mitochondria- makes energy available to the cells
*Chloroplast- contains chlorophyll; helps plants get energy from the sun
*Nucleus- contains DNA; “brain of the cell”; “control center”; directs all cell activities
*Vacuole- stores food, water, and waste
*Cell membrane- controls what enters and exits the cell
*Ribosomes- make protein
*Cytoplasm- the fluid inside the cell; contains all of the organelles