Energy Types and Transformations

Lesson ­ Energy Types and Transformation.notebook
March 25, 2015
What is Energy?
Scientists sometimes have a hard time explaining
energy because it can come in multiple forms.
Can you name some of the forms?
Some of these forms include chemical energy,
sound energy, and mechanical energy.
Energy is the ability to do a task, such as moving an object.
Electrical energy is the energy of moving charged particles. This type of
energy allows electrical devices to work.
What is Energy?
Common Forms of Energy
Form of Energy
gasoline; food; fireworks
warmth from a fire
voices and music
Radiant (Light)
sunlight; microwaves
wind; running water
lightning; electricity for your home
Energy Types 1
Lesson ­ Energy Types and Transformation.notebook
March 25, 2015
Energy Transformations
Energy doesn't always stay in the same form, it is constantly changing
based on the needs or use of the energy.
For example: Your body and a car's engine change chemical energy (food or
fuel) into mechanical energy (movement).
Electrical appliances transform electrical energy into other forms of
energy to perform specific tasks. Toasters and ovens takes electrical
energy and transform this into thermal energy (heat) to cook food.
Energy Transformations
Solar Panel
Light energy ----> Electrical Energy
Chemical Energy ----> _________________ Energy
_________________ Energy
Wind Turbine
Mechanical Energy ----> ________________ Energy
Car Engine
Chemical Energy ----> _________________ Energy
_________________ Energy
Electrical Energy ----> _________________ Energy
Light Bulb
__________________ Energy
Energy Transformations Where does electrical energy come from?
Electrical energy is the most
common type that the consumer
(you) use. Anytime you plug in a
device into an electrical outlet
you are using electrical energy.
How does the electrical energy get to your outlets?
The electrical energy
comes from the
electrical energy
distribution grid or
"THE GRID". The energy
comes from the power
station which travels
through hydro wires and
is transformed a number
of times before it is
distributed to the
At the power generation stations there are large generators, these
powerful machines transform mechanical energy into electrical
A generator needs:
Magnet (two ends - north and south pole)
Wire coil
Battery (Storage)
Electrical Generation
The energy in wind, flowing water, or
steam can be converted into electrical
energy. The movement is used to push
blades of a fan-like device called a
turbine. The turbine is connected to the
wire coils inside the generator. When the
turbine spins, the coils of wire generate
electrical energy as they spin at high
speed near powerful magnets.
Where does it come from?