MCOM 346 Paper Assignment

MCOM 346 Paper Assignment
This is a theoretical assignment that involved analyzing theory, perspectives and
processes, and the subject matter relating to theory. Remember the heuristic approach and words
like “paradigm,” “hegemony,” “magic bullet,” “limited effects vs. mass theories,” “social
responsibility,” and many more. What is it YOU want to learn more about???
Suggestions for the paper:
Choose a topic and get approval from Dr. Phipps.
Include a cover page with the title of your paper, your name and date.
Prepare a 200-word ABSTRACT summarizing the work.
Seven to ten references minimum.
Three quality references must come from hard copy.
Five pages minimum, with footnotes included, double spaced.
Compare and contrast a minimum of two or three theories.
Conversational style of writing is encouraged. While this does not mean first person
throughout, it is appropriate to write your own conclusions as, “I believe….” Or “As I see
Five to seven minute presentation of findings including oral footnotes.
10. Do not read, 2-3 note cards, professional attire required.
This paper is not your own survey work or observations, but rather a review of work from
experts in the field (and there are many). It is acceptable to utilize the textbook and test the
application of theory to a program/s you are reviewing. Take ownership for the synthesis of
ideas, opinions, or conflicting viewpoints that give you a contemporary perspective of the role
media plays in our lives. This is a formal speech and should follow the guidelines of good
speech and delivery as well as professional presentation of media or film segments.