KEY Note Taking Guide Topic # 3021

Note Taking Guide
Topic # 3021
Animal Anatomy/Physiology
Lori Chamberlain
I. How is animal anatomy and physiology useful?
A. Helpful for those raising and or showing animals of any kind
Examples: care and feeding – terminology, knowing the parts for showmanship
B. Helpful in preparing for various skills contests
Examples: livestock judging, meats contest
C. Current or future jobs
Examples: helpful terminology when caring for animals
D. Future high school and college courses
Examples: biology, physiology general sciences
II. Definitions
A. Anatomy – structural makeup especially of an organism or any of its parts
B. Physiology – the study or body organ function individually or in conjunction with
other organs
III. Anatomy terms
A. 3 terms meaning towards the animal’s head
1. Cranial 2. anterior 3. superior
B. 2 terms meaning towards the animal’s tail
1. caudal 2. posterior
C. Dorsal means toward or beyond the backbone.
D. Vertical or inferior refers to the front or lower part of animal.
IV. Bonus Anatomy Terms
A. Distal means far from the body part in question.
B. Proximal means close to the specific area of the body.
C. Superficial is close to the skin or body surface.
V. Final Notes
A. Farm animals are classified as vertebrates.
Traditional farm animals are bilateral symmetry ( right and left sides are nearly identical).